The proper definition of corruption is rotten and putrid, this definition denotes something which has gone so bad that it now lifts its stench to the high heavens and it is not a pretty sight to look at. It connotes something that is infested with wriggling fat white maggots and slimy crawling things which come from God knows where! I applaud whoever decided to adapt the word and use it to describe the practice of willingly acting dishonest in order to gain some profit, be it monetary. Like the stench of carrion that launches an incessant attack on the olfactory faculties and attracts scavengers like hyenas and vultures so has the situation in this my once effervescent country! Just take a look at our parliament and government you will see the stock of animals our rot has attracted!

Over the couple of days I have been reading the Herald with mixed feelings, that coming from me about the Herald is a huge compliment. The Herald has been revealing several cases of gross corruption where prominent politicians from the “ruling” party have been fingered. I borrowed use of the word “fingered” from The Herald and the word “Ruling” from Psychology Maziwisa, the deputy spokesperson of the “Ruling” Party. Wait did I also mention that this Psychology character is one of the people who was fingered in some very shady deal involving the movement of monies in their thousands of dollars from ZESA to their company? im talking of US Dollars not bond notes…

Almost everyone who reads has heard of a Fullard Gwasira the PR Man at ZESA, It however raises a stink which is worse than a ten day corpse that a company was hired to do Fullard Gwasira’s job. A minister then comes out giving a defense so lame that I’ve heard better from my 3 year old nephew after he has been caught with powdered milk on the front of his shirt. My issue here is not about these issues of corruption being exposed, this is not the first scandal to be exposed, where we learn that public funds ended up in the bank accounts of a few charlatans. For those not in the know, below are just a couple of the corruption Scandals that this country has seen perpetrated by our supposed revolutionary leaders:

  1. 1987 – Zisco Steel blast Furnace Scandal
  2. 1987 – Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal – $ 100 million
  3. 1986 – National Railways Housing Scandal
  4. 1988 – Willowgate Scandal
  5. 1989 – ZRP Santana Scandal
  6. 1994 – War Victims Compensation Scandal
  7. 1995 – GMB Grain Scandal
  8. 1996 – VIP Housing Scandal
  9. 1998 – Boka Banking Scandal
  10. 1998 – ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal
  11. 1998 – Telecel Scandal
  12. 1998 – Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal
  13. 1999 – Housing Loan Scandal
  14. 1999 – Noczim Scandal
  15. 1999 – DRC timber and diamond Un reported scandals
  16. 1999 – GMB Scandal
  17. 1999 – Ministry of water and rural development Chinese tender scandal
  18. 1999 – VIP Land Grab Scandal
  19. 2001 – Harare Airport Scandal

The most striking point about all these cases of corruption is that not a single perpetrator has been prosecuted or fired. In fact it seems that their political fortunes have actually taken a jet propelled rise. They have prominent roles in government now and have fortunes. Why is that? Why are these evil people not behind bars were they belong? today the Headline in the Herald was : ZESA blocks illegal payouts….yes just that blocked, no one is arrested, warned. what about the thousands they already received? shouldn’t they return that too?

The best that happens is we hear that someone ensconced in a climate controlled office in a 59 bedroomed mansion where he and his family are the sole occupants has said that he is irked by corruption. Like seriously,  guys do you know the meaning of the word irked? You are irked by a mosquito, a fly, a rat or a wet stain on your trousers not by people who are raiding the national coffers to finance opulent lifestyles in a country where millions are on the brink of expiring from lack of food. No no no no, this cannot be.


There is an African idiom which says that only a stupid cow will rejoice for being taken to a beautiful abattoir! The profoundness of this idiom hit me like a left hook from Manyuchi, when as I was walking home I passed a group of youths playing pool. Fumes of smoke were rising from the place as if someone was burning a tyre but the stench in the air assured me that there was no latex content in what they were smoking. Judging from the empty bottle containers strewn by their feet, I hazarded a guess that either the youths in question were suffering from a severe case of flu or they did some waste disposal work for a pharmaceutical shop! What however struck me about them is the subject they were discussing.

One of them whose voice and not necessarily intellect was loudest was encouraging his fellow smokers to attend the One million men march on the 25th of May. He was so passionate and supportive of the move, drenching his comrades in spittle as he extolled them to join. I see this particular young man every single moring at this particular joint and every evening when I return from work, I am yet to see him clean or without an intoxicating concoction in his hand on any of those occasions, suffice to say he is unemployed. So I then wonder what he wants to go and march for.  In Shona there is an idiom which says “kufarira n’anga neinobata mai!”

The whole rhetoric around the march is muddled and the fact that the people who are at the forefront of encouraging it are very well of, with farms, jobs they don’t need and money they cannot spend.  So why exactly should an unemployed youth go and march for? A free meal and a t-shirt? I looked up one young man who heads the Harare branch to get an idea of what the march is all about.  The young man has a penchant for rhetoric and obfuscation and as such I left his page with more questions than I went there with.  The problem with these youth leaders is they do not let facts get in the way of a good piece of propaganda and they are such pathological liars that they now even believe their own lies. There is none more dangerous than someone who believes his own lies……..like king Herod I will end by saying “ Please when coming back from the March, pass by so that we may extend our felicitations.”


Published by: The Spokesperson

I am the voice of reason. I am the representation of the aspirations of the young, the educated, the bold and the ambitious. I speak for all those who dream of living in a society which is founded on and holds supreme, the values of Freedom, Justice, Solidarity, Honesty, Meritocracy and Pragmatism.

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